The Top Twelve Reasons Why You Should Drink Craft Beer

If you don’t already know what Craft Beer is, it is a beer made by a craft brewery.  Go figure…  So what is a craft brewery?  Here is a quick definition from the Brewers Association :  An American craft brewer is small, independent and traditional.
Small: Annual production of beer less than 2 million barrels. Beer production is attributed to a brewer according to the rules of alternating proprietorships. Flavored malt beverages are not considered beer for purposes of this definition.
Independent: Less than 25% of the craft brewery is owned or controlled (or equivalent economic interest) by an alcoholic beverage industry member who is not themselves a craft brewer.
Traditional: A brewer who has either an all malt flagship (the beer which represents the greatest volume among that brewers brands) or has at least 50% of its volume in either all malt beers or in beers which use adjuncts to enhance rather than lighten flavor.
Now that we’ve cleared that up, back to the Top Twelve Reasons Why You Should Drink Craft Beer!  
1) CRAFT BEER TASTES BETTER!  The number one reason why you should drink craft beer is because craft beer tastes much better than the “beer water” that is mass produced and mass marketed by the big beer companies.  Craft beer tastes much better because craft brewers spend their time focusing the quality of their beer rather than focusing on their marketing campaigns and stock prices.   Craft brewers put their heart and soul, as well as, lots of amazing ingredients into every beer they brew and don’t cut any corners.  The big beer companies, on the other hand, are on a mission to take ingredients out of their beer in order to make their beer as “watery” as possible.   Why would anyone want to drink beer that is purposely being watered down by leaving out important ingredients?  Would you buy a car from a car manufacturer that was stripping vital parts off of its cars in order to cut costs?  No, you wouldn’t!  Beer shouldn’t be treated any different. Choose taste. Choose craft beer!
2) MORE ALCOHOL!  Oh yeah!  Craft beers come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing remains the same; they all pack a punch!  Most craft beers range from 5-10% abv (alcohol by volume), but some craft beers can reach 20%, 30%, and even 40% abv!  Click here.  Compare this to the 2.5% abv in Budweiser Select 55 and Miller Genuine Draft Light 64 that the big beer companies mass produce and you will see that there is no comparison!  The big beer companies are selling you “beer water.” This leads us to the third reason to drink craft beer.
3) FEWER TRIPS TO THE BATHROOM!  When you drink craft beer you won’t have to pee every 10 minutes because you won’t drink as many beers.   For example, let’s say you are going out for some drinks with friends.  Your “beer” of choice for the night is either Budweiser Select 55 or a Miller Genuine Draft 64.  Each of these beers has less than 2.5% abv which is EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY weak and watered down.  Honestly, they shouldn’t even be considered beer anymore.  You will have to drink 4-6 of these beers in order to get the same effect as two (or maybe even one) craft beers.  Thus, your bladder will be overflowing with watery beer and you will be spending the majority of your night walking back and forth from the bathroom.  Who wants to do that?  Nobody!
If, however, you were drinking stronger, full-flavored craft beers with 5-8% abv there is no need to drink beer after beer after beer.   If you drink only one or two delicious craft beers you will get the effect of 4-6 “beer waters” and you won’t have to worry about your bladder exploding every 10 minutes.
4) HEALTH BENEFITS!  You read that right!  Craft beer has health benefits.  Research has shown that craft beer has more health benefits than red wine!  Craft beer contains more nutrients than does wine.  Craft beer also contains some soluble fiber, some B vitamins (notably folate), a range of antioxidants and it is also the richest source of silicon; silicon in the diet may help in countering osteoperosis. Wine contains more antioxidants than beer but do they actually get into the body and reach the parts where need to work? There are doubts about that—but it has been shown that the antioxidant ferulic acid is taken up from beer into the body (more efficiently than from the tomato).  Read more about the health benefits of craft beer at
5) MORE CHOICES!  YES PEOPLE… YOU HAVE MORE CHOICES THAN BUD, MILLER, AND COORS!  There are almost 1,600 craft breweries throughout the United States brewing THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of delicious, flavorful craft beers.  And they aren’t making the same old beers, either.  Every single craft brewery makes its beer in its own special way with its own special ingredients.   Did you know that you probably live within 10 miles of a craft brewery?  Go  HERE to find a craft brewery in your back yard and start supporting your local breweries!
6) LESS EXPENSIVE!  The cost per drinking session can be much lower if you drink craft beer.  Let’s use our example from before.  So you’re going out with your friends for some drinks and you’re drinking “beer water” again.  Most likely you are going to drink 4-6 “beer waters” in one drinking session.  Sadly, many people will drink even more “beer water” than that.  Most likely, the bar is charging you $3.00-$5.00 per bottle of “beer water.”  So at the end of your drinking session you have been charged anywhere from $12-$30 for your “beer waters” and that doesn’t include tip.  If you include a tip, you could be paying over $30 for a six-pack of weak, flavorless beer!!!  That’s ridiculous!!!
Now, if you were to be drinking delicious craft beer, the story is quite different.  Here is a personal example of a recent drinking session at a local brewery.   I just visited a local craft brewery to watch a sporting event and the brewery was charging $1.99 for pints of its beer.  And these were not normal sized pints.  These pints were huge.  And I think there were about eight different beers available.  I had three pints that night (One Pale Ale, one IPA, and one Porter) and all were delicious.  So at the end of this drinking session my total bill was $6.00!  That’s it!  SIX BUCKS!  I was feeling generous after my three huge beers and left a $4.00 tip, so my total for the night was $10.00.  And there are even cheaper ways to drink your craft beer.
That same brewery offers $5.00 growlers (64 ounce glass containers) on certain days of the week.  Let’s break that down into price per beer.  There are 64 ounces in a growler.  Divide 64 by the standard 12 ounce beer and there are 5 beers in a growler.  By purchasing your craft beer in a growler, you only paid $1.00 per beer.  And remember these beers are probably twice as strong as your typical “beer water” so the cost is even cheaper.  As you can see, the cost of drinking quality craft beer is, in many cases, much cheaper than drinking the tasteless “beer water.”  So why would you waste your time and hard-earned money on flavorless “beer water?”
7) FEWER CALORIES!  Worried about calories in your beer?  Craft beers DO have more calories per beer than “beer water,” but you will consume fewer calories per beer drinking session.  Let me show you how.  Let’s assume you are like most “beer” drinkers out there and you only drink “beer water” (Miller Lite, Bud Light, Coors Light, etc).   Nearly all of the “beer waters” out there have 100 to 110 calories per 12-ounce serving.  So if you go out to the bar and have six “beer waters” you will consume about 650 calories in that drinking session, or 25% of your recommended daily caloric intake.
If, on the other hand, you are drinking delicious craft beers you will drink fewer beers because they taste better and are much stronger.  Beer is meant to be enjoyed, not chugged.  So slow down and enjoy your beer.  Let’s assume you are drinking a craft beer with 7% abv.  A beer of this strength will usually have less than 200 calories.  If you are like me, you probably don’t need to drink more than three of these beers in one drinking session (although sometimes I do  😛  ).  In this particular drinking session example, you will have consumed fewer than 600 calories, PLUS you didn’t spend as much time going to the bathroom, PLUS you didn’t spend as much of your hard-earned money.
Are the benefits of drinking craft beer becoming clear to you yet?  Let me give you a few more.
8)  GREAT BEER MAKES FOR GREAT TIMES!  While drinking craft beer you will have some great times with your friends and family who are drinking craft beer with you.  Try it out!  I dare you!  Go out for with friends and family and make it a point that everyone has to try a new craft beer.  Have everyone talk about their beer.  Smells, tastes, likes, dislikes, etc.  Pay attention to the discussions that arise due to the different beers that you taste.  It’s amazing!  In most cases, everyone will pass their beer around for others to try, so you can decide which beer to order next.  Imagine doing this with your friends and/or family on a regular basis at different breweries and/or pubs in your area.  It could turn into a bonding event that you and your beer drinking buddies look forward to every weekend!
9)  MEET THE PEOPLE MAKING THE BEER!  One of the coolest benefits of drinking craft beer is that you can visit a local craft brewery where your favorite craft beer is made and actually meet the people that making the beer.  People that make craft beer, whether they are home brewers or brew masters, are some of the nicest, funniest people you will ever meet AND, as I stated before, the majority of Americans live within 10 miles of a craft brewery.  So go to and find a craft brewery in your back yard and start hanging out with your local craft brewers!  Most craft breweries offer daily brewery tours during which you get to sample all of their beers!
10)  CRAFT BEER AND GOOD FOOD GO HAND IN HAND!  Pairing craft beer with fine cuisine is become a hugely popular trend in the food industry.  One could even argue that craft beer is becoming more popular than wine as the drink of choice while fine dining.  Ever heard of a beer and cheese party?  Most people haven’t…yet.  They are becoming extremely popular, though, and I highly recommend you attend one soon.  Check out this great beer/food pairing information at for some beer/food pairing ideas.
11)  DIFFERENT BEERS FOR DIFFERENT REASONS/SEASONS!  Certain craft beers are better suited for different seasons and/or drinking situations.  Why would anyone want to drink the same flavorless “beer water” at every drinking occasion all year round?  It’s a trick question.  You wouldn’t!  With craft beer you can drink something different at every party, night out, meal, season of the year, etc.  Actually, that’s the coolest part.  I don’t know a single craft beer drinker that drinks the same beer every time he/she drinks.  Part of the fun is trying different craft beers from different breweries, regions, countries, etc.  I drink something different nearly every time I purchase a craft beer.  Sure, I have my favorites, but there are so many beers and so little time.   I want to try ALL OF THEM!
12)  JOIN THE MOVEMENT!  Join the millions of beer drinkers who have decided to STOP drinking tasteless “beer water” and START drinking delicious, flavorful craft beers.  If you’re really dedicated, take the “BrewFanatics Oath” and vow to never drink tasteless “beer water” ever again (with some exceptions, of course).
Sign up today at and see what all the hype is about!
P.S. If you have any other good reasons to drink craft beer (which there are many) feel free to leave a comment or talk about it in our forum “the MASH.” Click here to join.
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CHEERS!!! from the entire MBC Staff

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