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Check out our new “Rate Your Craft Beer” webpage on our site! Tell us what you think of the good craft beers that you drink. Give it a try now!


WANT TO DO SOMETHING TO HELP US!? Help us help you, and visit the link above and give a craft beer rating for each one of your MBC beers you’ve received or other beers you’ve drank that you want people to know about. Give comments about appearance, aroma and flavor of the beer. Not only can we collect and the share data with the world, we can also get know which beers are performing well for our subscribers. Thank you for choosing Mystery Beer Cellar ! DRINK GOOD BEER.


How to leave a really good craft beer rating?

So the solution is to do your part. Give better ratings that aren’t affected by your opinion of the beer style, the hype, or your relationship with the brewery. Provide some details on what you did or didn’t like. Give tasting notes or compare it to another beer in that style. Craft beer reviews and ratings are important to our community but they will loose their value if we don’t use them wisely. So consider how you can help others choose their beers.

Which review and rating sites do you use most often? Do you think they are accurate?



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